Are you aware that there are three simple exercises that do not just give you an immediate relief but getting rid of the sciatica pain for good? Say goodbye to your sciatica because for sure, it will never come back again. Isn’t it good news for people who are always suffering from sciatica pain? It will be a happy and pain-free life for them.
Listed below are three gentle and effective exercises you should try to avoid recurrence of sciatica pain and eventually totally eliminate it from your body system.


Time to stretch

  • Relaxing Hip Flexors

If a group of your hip flexor muscle tightens, it increases the curve of the lower portion of your back. It will cause increased pressure on the sciatic nerve which triggers sciatica. The abdominal muscles and hip flexors work simultaneously. Thus, maintaining them strong, stable and flexible can give you strength in your lower back portion. If it is attained, your sciatica can be now be prevented and may disappear upon regular exercise. Keep in mind that stretching should be properly done. The concern would be to know the right time to stretch and how it is executed. This means minimum time stretching but with maximum gains. The results can be seen within days of doing the exercise.


  • Strengthening Abdominal Muscles

Abdominal muscles are the most vital muscles for a pelvis and lower back portion. Sciatica pain is caused by the irritation of the sciatic nerve. A strong abdominal muscle assures you of the stability in the areas surrounding the muscle. Strength on these muscles does not mean doing hundreds of crunches and staying for hours in the gym. In fact, these exercises have been little to do in achieving a strong abdominal muscle. Abdominal strength needs a good nerve and ample blood supply to the abdominal muscles. To improve your abdominals you need appropriate strengthening methods.


  • Piriformis Stretching

If the muscle tightens, Piriformis triggers sciatica to happen. This is because sciatic nerve runs through the Piriformis muscles. This is the reason why stretching of Piriformis may get back the muscles and nerves in their original condition. Piriformis stretching can be very simple but is effective enough to get away the pain.

Appropriate stretching is the key to permanently get rid of sciatica.  Just focus on strengthening the right muscles; hip flexors, abdominal and Piriformis. Sciatica can be treated without the aid of any medication or surgeries. Learning to stretch and strengthen the main muscles that cause your sciatica can alleviate the pain instantly and remove that distressing sciatica permanently.

5 Responses to “Three Effective Exercises to Overcome Sciatica”

  • Mubeen:

    You are right. But when all clinical tests fail. Sciatica pains are named Piriformis syndrome.
    And patient come to know about it. Then this exercises app helped me.

  • Virginia Hoban:

    So what are the three (3) specific exercises, I don’t see them here. I can’t use the app because I am one of the few people in the world who does not own a cell phone. Can you let me know what the exercises are?

    Thank you,

    V. Hoban

    • Mark Hunt:

      Like Virginia, I also would like to get some more information about these exercises. I understood which parts of the body I have to work on in order to feel better. But are there any specific exercises which one can do at home for a quick relief?`


  • Darryl brunette:

    Would like those 3 excercises for sciatica on left side from heel to lower back

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