Different Types of Sciatica Relief – What are Your Options?

One of the painful conditions that are becoming common to many people right now is sciatica. This happens when a person’s sciatic nerve along the lower back is irritated, impinged or pressured. The sciatic nerve is considered to be the largest nerve of a human body. When it is compressed, a person usually feels numbness and a tingling pain in the affected area. There are many types of sciatica relief available, and it is best to find the one suited for your condition.

The sciatic nerve is connected in the brain, and it travels all through the entire length of the spine, down to the hips, and then it is being divided in the buttocks’ area which goes down to each leg of the human body. Once a pressure is put into the nerve, it will cause pain in the lower back as well as on the legs, only one or both. The muscles can be weakened by this condition, and the person fells pain just like being pierced with needles and pins. The related pains are all referred to as sciatica.

Before choosing which sciatica relief to use, it is better to know the real cause of the pain. Actually, sciatica is caused by four main conditions: vertebral misplacement, disc degeneration, sacroiliac joint dysfunction or piriformis syndrome. It is always best that the diagnosis is accurate to determine which area needs treatment and the kind of treatment best suited on the situation. Sciatica is triggered by many reasons, and it is advisable that you are aware of these causes so you can avoid them in the future.

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Sciatica Exercises

One of the main reasons why exercises are used to help ease the pain from sciatica is that it makes to strengthen, he muscles along the lower back. This produces less pain to a person even when the sciatic nerve gets irritated. Another good this is hat exercise does not only reduce the pain but also helps you prevent its occurrence in the future. There are many simple exercises a person can do.

The best exercise to do should be able to strengthen and stretch the muscles on the area of hips, buttocks and legs. It should also loosen the muscles in the affected area so that it will not put pressure on the nerve to release the pain. Most of the exercises designed for sciatica are to the point and short thus it will not take much of your time, but it is effective.

Surgery is the last thing in mind that many sciatica sufferers try to avoid as much as possible. Using the right exercises will make your pain go away in a few minutes. It will also prevent future lower back pains from happening as well as prevent sciatica surgery.


Sciatica Stretches

Sciatica stretches are another form of sciatica relief those are mostly exercises. They are focused more on stretching the muscles along the buttocks to loosen the pressure on the sciatic nerve cause by muscles. Sciatica stretches can also reduce the bulging of the spinal disc in the lumbar region, or it is also designed so that the soft tissues adhering to the sciatic nerve will be relieved. These various approaches are beneficial to the person. However, it is important that you choose the right stretches because a wrong one will only make the mater worst.

The muscles that give you these various painful symptoms need to be stretched to release the pain, and this are usually done on the piriformis area. Depending on the muscles found in the lower buttocks, each person may have different orientations related to the sciatic nerve. There may be times when the nerve is found in the middle of the muscles, over it or under it. Once the nerve goes through the piriformis area, it may cause tightness on the muscles. This will also put pressure on the sciatic nerve thus causing symptoms to occur.

Stretching the piriformis may come in different variations. In all these stretches, there is only one purpose and that is to flex and to rotate the hip joint. SO what a person needs to do is to bend the leg, the knees must be pulled toward the chest and then towards across the opposite shoulder.


Sciatica Medications

Once sciatic pain develops, it is not advisable to take any pain relievers. These pain relievers would not eliminate sciatic nerve pain. It is best that you use anti-inflammatory medications instead. There are medicines that you can purchase over the counter, which will help eliminate the sciatic pain a person feels. The most effective ones which are usually purchased in drug stores are Naproxen and Celebrex since these do not produce side effects.

If a person does not have any anti-inflammatory medicine available at home, and you were attacked suddenly by intense sciatic nerve pain, you may use a hot or cold compress for sciatica relief. What you need to do first is to apply a cold compress where you feel the pain. Now once the pain starts to diminish. A hot compress must be applied. What the cold compress does is constrict the blood vessels thus reducing the pain. What the hot compress will do once the pain is reduced will dilate the blood vessels and improve blood oxygenation. If the medicine is already available, you can take it after the hot compress.


Sciatica Surgery

For patients who is suffering from sciatica, surgery may not be the best option, though there will be times when it is the only way left. This method of sciatica treatment is usually undergone by those patients who were not fully aware and understand everything about sciatica. They jump into this decision because they can no longer contain the agonizing pain and chronic symptoms of sciatica. Sometimes the pain a person feels in the legs, and the lower back becomes epidemic that patients find it hard to get healed no matter how many treatments are available for sciatica. Not only, those surgeries are costly, there are some cases when surgery does not relieve or cure the condition but may even worsen the pain. The result is far worse than better.

If you are suffering much from the pain caused by sciatica, it is always best that you visit or consult a physician so that the symptoms will be addressed correctly. A professional health expert on sciatica is the one who can administer the right tests to properly diagnose the causes and recommend the right types of sciatica relief, which would be best to relieve the pain cause by this condition. Do not treat the condition yourself. Always ask for doctor’s advice.


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