Up to this date, there are lots of patients suffering from sciatica who have benefited much from sciatica massage as treatment. Because of these, there are different kind of massage treatment that is used for sciatica that has been proven effective to relieve pain. The massage treatment for a chronic patient is different from that of a bed ridden one. Actually, the healing effect of a sciatica massage will only be experienced once this treatment method is done on a regular basis.


Among the various sciatica massage treatments, the most popular are grouped into two divisions, the Western and the Oriental techniques. Though this may be the case, the kind of massage that should be given is dependent also on the kind of sciatica a patient suffers from. Therefore, it is always advisable to consult an expert on sciatica pain before doing any massage to determine the correct massage type to use that is best for the patient.

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Sciatica massage Techniques

Psoas major, ischemic compression, cross fiber friction, quadrates lumborum, and gluteus medius are the different types of sciatica massage treatment. But, on each of this massage, very therapists agree that the sciatica nerve must never be touched or meddled with too much. Like for example on the case of Piriformis Syndrome, the therapist is always careful to put so much pressure on the piriformis since it may put pressure as well on the sciatica nerve which is just near the piriformis muscle. Once the sciatic nerve is inflamed, a severe pain is felt by the person. Usually, the numbness can be felt on one side or both along with the legs that are difficult to move. Once the sciatic nerve goes through the muscle instead of below the piriformis, it is called a Piriformis Syndrome.



Conducting sciatica massage comes in different methods. Among these massages, the most useful and commonly used is the longitudinal strapping or the static compression. This is proven to be the most successful treatment in the form of a massage. This kind of massage allows the therapist to put great pressure on the muscles and allows him to reach the depths of contraction. An expert therapist always knows how to deal with the various muscle imbalances of a patient. One of the things that a therapist should be able to do is to massage the muscles on the lower back as well as the hip rotators so the patient will be relieved from pain.


The treatment on sciatica will become more successful once the therapist and the patient have a healthy relationship. Communication is important that is why they both should communicate and keep conversing with each other during the sciatica massage session. This will allow them to become comfortable with each other. One important thing a patient should do is to tell exactly how he or she feels while the massage is given so the therapist would be aware of it. This will help the therapist in determining the right kind of sciatica massage to use for better treatment.

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