Sciatica Overview

If you are having pain in your lower back that surges to your legs to toes and this happens frequently, then you might be having sciatica. This is one of the most common symptoms of this disorder. The main cause of this disorder is pressed or pinched sciatic nerves which result to it being irritated. Sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body which can be found from the lumbar area down to the lower limb. This is why sciatic pain often occurs in the lower part of our body.

Sciatica Exercises

Since the number of individuals having sciatic seem to increase as years pass, various medical studies has been conducted. From these studies, various sciatica treatments have been discovered. One of these treatments is doing some specific exercises.
For most cases of sciatica, a controlled, specific, and progressive program of exercise is being tailored by many health providers. These exercises are based from the causes of sciatic pain. Most features of the sciatica exercises will involve the core muscle, specific diagnosis, hamstring stretching, aerobic exercise, and other proper exercises.

  • Core Muscle Exercise
Sciatic exercise which involves the core muscle has main purpose of strengthening it. As of today, there are already several exercises that focus on this purpose. More specifically, this exercise concentrates more on strengthening the back as well as the abdominal muscles. This is in order for the patient to have more support on the back.
This will also include stretching exercises. This specific exercise will target the inflexible and tight muscles that cause the sciatic pain. Medical studies observed that patients involved in this kind of exercises and do it on a regular basis recover more easily from sciatica as compared to those who are not. This gentle stretching and strengthening exercises will also provide the patient a lesser possibility of experiencing future pain episodes.

  • Specific Diagnosis Before The Exercise
On the matter of specific diagnosis, exercises done in this program will be focused more on addressing the true cause of the sciatic pain being experienced by the patient. Examples of these are the Lumbar Herniated Disc (LHD) and the Lumbar Spinal Stenosis (LSS).
Hence, exercises that are included in this program are carefully chosen and are based from such sciatica causes. This is because if one does the wrong type of exercise then it may worsen the present state of the patient. This is also why it is very important that a specific diagnosis be conducted first before one can start or join in this exercise program.

  • Hamstring Stretching
As to the hamstring stretching, this does not really rely on specific diagnosis unlike the exercise program mentioned in the preceding paragraph. Patients who are doing a regular routine of this type of stretching will be benefited from it regardless of what has been diagnosed from him.
Hamstrings are the muscles that can be found on the back of our thigh. When the hamstrings in that part of the body are overly tight and pressured, it will cause the increase of stress on our lower back. In addition to this, it may also aggravate or even make the condition result to sciatica. Therefore, if you are going to do this exercise, you have to expect that the kind of exercise that you will perform will focus more on stretching the hamstrings in your lower body portion.

  • Aerobic Exercise
The next type of exercise is that of aerobic. Aside from the aforementioned types of sciatica exercise, aerobic conditioning is also one of the best recommended exercises for the general fitness of our body. One type of exercise which is included in this program is walking.
Walking, as encouraged by many physicians, are a great form and type of exercise for an individual’s lower back. This is because walking exercise is relatively and clearly low impact. Aside from that, walking can also provide you all the benefits that a specific aerobic workout brings. It is highly recommended that one must gradually progress to three miles of walking each day. It will also be great if you do the walking in a park where you can breathe in the fresh air.

Proper Form of Exercise Should be Observed

Whatever type of exercise program has been ordered to you by your doctor, or you have chosen yourself. You have to make sure that you are doing it correctly. This is because, even if you are doing the exercise that has been prescribed to you, but you are doing it in the wrong form will make your effort futile. Worse, if you keep on exercising doing the improper form, it may lead to continued pain. Others who made this mistake did not only experienced continued pain but also an increase of sciatic pain. Hence, it is best advised that you do the first part of your exercise with the guidance of your health practitioner.

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