Sciatica is a condition that is very common for aging people. Studies reveal that people aged 30 to 50 years will develop this condition. It’s rare for children to develop sciatica, but it can happen.


In children, this is called growing pains, and if you have them when you’re little, there is a high chance for you to develop sciatica when you grow old. Spinal cord injuries will usually lead to sciatica in children, and the symptoms are also the same. It is typical to feel weakness, numbness, and pain radiating from the lower spine to the buttocks and legs.


Just in case there was no spinal injury, doctors will examine for psychosomatic causes. This pertains to emotional disturbances and not the physical conditions of the patient. When children have a condition called ischemia, there is a high chance to develop sciatica as they grow older.

The symptoms of sciatica in children are usually mild in comparison to adults. This is because their bodies are healthier, as well as their minds. The child’s youthfulness is the reason behind sciatic pain resilience. Degeneration is not the cause and instead, it is due to spinal trauma. If the latter is the problem, you should seek immediate medical attention. It is vital that you act at once to prevent permanent damage. Timely treatments are needed whether the cause is an emotional disturbance or spinal injury.


Since the bones of a child are still developing, there is a need to teach proper posture. A lot of people are prone to slouching when they sit or walk. Having the right posture will prevent the incidence of sciatica. Standing erects with chest out is the way to go but this is not always observed. Bad posture can lead to body pains, and even sciatica.


Many factors can influence bad posture such as being obese, poor standing or sitting habits, and not using ergonomic chairs. Losing weight is significant when you’re obese, and once you attain your ideal weight, it is easier to practice the right posture. Even if you have a great deal of work to accomplish, there is a need to maintain the ideal posture.


Make sure that you have a great understanding about the subject. It doesn’t end on doing the right posture because you also need to breathe properly. You will have to make sure that the hips, shoulders, and ears are aligned. However, if you start feeling pain, you will need to stop.


Teaching kids to follow the right posture can be tough. You also have to set a good example. You must teach them about exercises that can aid in good posture. Stretches will also do you well, especially if you’ve been sitting over an extended period. You are not alone with your struggles and since surgery can be a big expense, you should opt for non-invasive treatments.


Kids can heal fast because they are stronger and healthier than adults. You will have to act now so that the child will no longer suffer from the pain and discomfort. Seek medical help and find the solution.

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